front porch, front door of a show house
home builder wearing ball cap, pencil in his overalls pocket
Kent  Apthorpe
flowers on a table

We build homes, not web sites

I've been building homes in Lincoln for thirty years, over two hundred – all over town. It's my life's work.

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We Build Homes Not Web Sites is a project of the Center for Applied Expression

curb view of the Dr Kathy.
The Dr Kathy
curb view of the Melissa.
The Melissa
view of the Jean from the side.
The Jean
curb view of the Kimberly.
The Kimberly
curb view of the Soares II, an overcast day.
The Soares II
curb view of the Heaton.
The Heaton
curb view of the Heather, summer evening.
The Heather